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52 Times the British were Bellends

James Felton



Design: Steve Leard
Art Direction: Bekki Guyatt – LBBG

Imprint: Sphere
Published: 17/10/2019
ISBN: 9780751578850
RRP: 12.99


Twitter hero James Felton brings you the painfully funny history of Britain you were never taught at school, fully illustrated and chronicling 52 of the most ludicrous, weird and downright ‘baddie’ things we Brits* have done to the world since time immemorial – before conveniently forgetting all about them, of course. Including:- Starting wars with China when they didn’t buy enough of our class A drugs
– Inventing a law so we didn’t have to return objects we’d blatantly stolen from other countries
– Casually creating muzzles for women
– And almost going to war over a crime committed by a pig52 TIMES BRITAIN WAS A BELLEND will complete your knowledge of this sceptred isle in ways you never expected. So if you’ve ever wondered how we put the ‘Great’ in ‘Great Britain’, wonder no more . . .*And when we say British, for the most part we unfortunately just mean the English.

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The brief for this one was to create a funny and engaging cover, which would appeal to James’ twitter following as well as the gift area of the market. One of the ideas given by the editor was to make it look like a school exercise book that bad been doodled on (the word Bellends is screaming out for some childish doodles!), and Steve really ran with this. He produced a series of initial visuals, all of which were excellent, and got some superb reactions from everyone in the office! Everyone thought they were hilarious. He combined textures, hand drawn elements and fonts to create a very authentic, striking design – which carried on across the whole jacket! The covers were too great to choose just one, so one design was adapted to be used on the back.